San Bosco Inn. in the center of La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica near the Arenal Volcano. This is the ideal location from which you can explore and enjoy nearby waterfalls, caves, thermal hot springs, and of course the amazing Arenal Volcano.


Costa Rica has a volcanic geological origin. Its three mountain ranges are filled with multiple volcanoes. The Arenal Volcano is located in the Province of Alajuela, about 3 scenic hours from the center of San José. It has an elevation of 1600 meters or 5,478 feet and is the end point of the Guanacaste mountain range. The separation between this and the Tilarán mountain range is marked by the Valley of Arenal and Lake Arenal.

In 1958 and 1992, the volcanic activity of the Arenal Volcano increased significantly with explosions of lava and rocks almost daily. Now you can see the colossal lava rocks that where thrown around the area upon visiting this historical place. You can hear the rumblings of the internal activity and enjoy the truly spectacular view of seeing red lava flow from its cone down the massive volcano. If you are lucky you will even get to experience one of its mini-explosions. The volcano not only gave its name to the region, but has also been the cause of its development and continues to visually dominate the countryside.

The glowing red rocks that fall from the volcanic sides at up to 200 Km/ hour make the night even more spectacular. The lava flows from the crater and when it rains it returns to the sky in a cloud of vapour.

Calculated to be around 3,000 years old, the Arenal is archeologically young. During the various cycles of its active life, it has been characterized by an active and effusive phase alternating with a calmer phase with small explosions. The mayor events in its recent history began with the eruption of 1968.

After its most recent eruption on May 5, 1998, the typical occasional internal rumblings returned. Authorities report there to be no unusual behavior and the National Park reopened the same week. The local volcanologists continue the close observation of the volcano, and park rangers continue to enforce the strict security parameter.

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